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1) Northshore Recovery High School Study(NRHS)  

We are partnering with NRHS, an adolescent substance use researcher at Mass General Hospital, and behavioral analytics company Pretaa Inc. to study the efficacy of a new substance use recovery and overdose prevention tool. 

Northshore Recovery High School is a specialized school centered on recovery and behavioral health. The students at Northshore not only have struggles with substance abuse, but they also have co-occurring mental health disorders, and 90% have experienced significant trauma. Each student will receive the Fitbit with the Pretaa program, and the impact of the protocol will be monitored by the research team.

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2) Boston Medical Center Catalyst Clinic Collaboration

In 2021, BSF raised $175,000 for the BMC Catalyst Clinic. The Mission of the Catalyst Clinic is "To help youth and young adults who use substances lead healthy lives through holistic, team-based care."The Catalyst Clinic team "provides access to a wide range of services including primary care, harm reduction, assessment and treatment of substance use disorders, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and recovery support for patients through age 25 and their families." Learn more about the Catalyst Clinic

Funds raised are being used to address the opioid overdose death crisis. Many strategies that our country implements are either focused on preventing initial use of substances or take adult approaches that have not been tailored for youth. The research supported by BSF addresses these gaps in the teen substance use support system. 

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Sarah Bagley - Catalyst Clinic Founder

1) Boston Children's Hospital STRIPED Collaboration

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