As the statewide advocacy coalition of 60 community-based rape crisis centers and domestic violence programs, Jane Doe Inc. (JDI) is guided by the experiences and needs of those who experience all forms of gender-based violence.  JDI’s work complements the expertise and leadership of its members with a statewide strategy, opportunities for shared learning and growth, and coordinated advocacy around public policy and prevention. By bringing a gender equity and racial justice lens to its analysis and initiatives, JDI is committed to centering those who have been historically most marginalized and to improve responses and opportunities for all.

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Jane Doe Inc. of MA

"Becca's Gift" to JDI

Funding raised by the family and friends of Becca Schmill supported JDI’s work in the following areas:

  • Training and promotion of best practices that center around those most marginalized - enhances the capacity of rape crisis centers to meet the needs of all survivors.

  • Facilitation of networking and community building - encourages a consistent response and improves access when someone needs help and support.

  • Advocacy for state and federal funding - secures resources to ensure essential sexual and domestic violence services continue uninterrupted.

  • Legislative and systems change work - addresses policy impact on survivors.

  • Visibility through media and outreach - raises awareness, increases community knowledge, and reaches survivors.

  • Prevention initiatives help to shift the cultural beliefs and attitudes that foster gender-based violence and rape culture.

In this new virtual world brought on in part out of necessity during the current coronavirus pandemic, JDI has successfully found new ways to offer cutting-edge trainings, uplift the life-changing and life-saving work of advocates, promote prevention, and involve others to make a difference through civic engagement.   

"JDI is truly humbled by the outpouring of support in memory of Becca Schmill."

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"Our community is made up of a diverse and growing group of local, regional, and national allies. In a typical week, we could be standing in solidarity with those working for immigrant rights, supporting students addressing sexual assault on their campus, or working with a business leader to bring change to their corporate culture."