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The Foundation was formed in memory of Rebecca(Becca) Mann Schmill by her loving family. Becca Schmill passed away on September 16, 2020 from a fentanyl poisoning. 

Becca was a kind and caring person with a gift for making those around her feel loved and appreciated. She was funny, adventurous and determined. As a school friend said of Becca, "She managed to make those around her smile event when she wasn't in our presence."

At the age of 15, Becca was raped by a boy she and her friends met on a social media party chat. The rape was followed by devastating cyberbullying. These traumas left Becca spiraling. By the age of 17, she had started using illicit drugs to cope with her pain. With just a few clicks on social media, she had access to anything she wanted. 

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Becca's Story

Becca's story calls attention to the vulnerabilities of adolescence which are magnified in the age of social media. Today's adolescents navigate a world that is far bigger, faster and more chaotic than in the past. The online world they live in provides easy 24/7 access to adult content, sexual predators, illicit street drugs and allows children — who are by nature impulsive — to do great harm to themselves and one another.

The Becca Schmill Foundation's primary objective is to prevent what happened to Becca from happening to other children. 

Every Child Deserves to Grow Up Unscarred by Their Youth.

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